March 11th, 2011.


That day shook me to the core and changed my perspective of life entirely.

Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami made me realize that an incredibly unfortunate incident could happen to good people who have never done anything to deserve it.  Tsunami took so many innocent lives of adults and children in a moment.  It also took away hope, future, and dream of those who survived.  It's so unfair and unreasonable, but it was a reality.

Traumatic events don't discriminate race, gender, or age of people.  It can happen to anyone, including you and me.  Furthermore, no one can explain a reason why such a tragedy had to happen to a particular person.  No one, absolutely no one deserves trauma.  Lack of explanation, along with their deep grief and sorrow, leads people to further confusion and isolation. 

"What can I do?"

It is the big question to myself since the day.  This internal question became bigger and louder after I moved to Japan and engaged in disaster relief work in Ishinomaki, Miyagi for 5 months.  I quickly learned that more specialized skills and expertises in trauma was needed in those affected areas.  I became determined to be a better skilled clinician so that I can serve more people and most importantly, bring them peace and relief as quickly as possible.  This is how my search for superior psychological interventions began. 


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